About Katy

I took my first big trip when I was only seven: a month-long road trip from California to Minnesota. From there I grew up in Minnesota, graduated with a BFA in photography, and have continued to gain more and more love for travel, inside and outside of the United States. A life-changing trip to a few different countries in Europe when I was in high school made me catch the travel bug. And here we are, a few years later, with experiences to last a life time, 25+ states and 11 countries (and counting) visited, and travel advice to share with all of you! Let’s face it, travel isn’t cheap. I’m here to help you navigate this issue so you can experience the world too!

The plan: Travel the world cheaply; live in a van and sail boat (eventually); live minimally, sustainably, and eco-friendly; and help others to do the same. Will you join me? :)